Dan Solove at TeachPrivacy interviews SSRN Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and eDiscovery eJournal Advisory Board member Chris Hoofnagle about his impressive new book on the FTC’s privacy and data security policies and enforcement activities, Federal Trade Commission Law and Policy, (Cambridge 2016):

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has become the leading federal agency to regulate privacy and data security. The scope of its power is vast – it covers the majority of commercial activity – and it has been enforcing these issues for decades. An FTC civil investigative demand (CID) will send shivers down the spine of even the largest of companies, as the FTC requires a 20-year period of assessments to settle the score.

Source: The 5 Things Every Privacy Lawyer Needs to Know about the FTC: An Interview with Chris Hoofnagle – TeachPrivacy