SecureState shared this timely analysis by Wired of the remaining GOP and Democratic candidates’ disappointingly thin positions on cybersecurity and data privacy:

CYBERSECURITY AND DIGITAL rights have become a prominent part of the national conversation, in no small part because of the ongoing standoff between Apple and the FBI over a San Bernardino terrorist’s encrypted iPhone. So it is bit surprising that the remaining presidential candidates haven’t made much an effort to outline their positions.

Not that there would be much political benefit to it. The two candidates with the most clearly defined cybersecurity and privacy platforms—Ben Carson and Jeb Bush—have quit the race, and the two with the least to say on the subject—Donald Trump and Ted Cruz—are leading the GOP race.

But the fact the candidates don’t seem to care all that much doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Here’s where they stand so far on one of the most important issues of this race.